The Anatomy Of LinkedIn Company Pages

Posted by Murray Sye

on Thu, Nov 28, 2013 @ 09:44 AM

For Marketers, LinkedIn Company Pages provide excellent opportunities to highlight products and services, tell your company's story, generate leads, engage with your audience, share career opportunities within your company, and drive word of mouth.

For your Audience, LinkedIn Company Pages are a place to conduct product and service research and learn about company updates, industry news, and job opportunities.

Now have a seat, as we walk you through all the components of a LinkedIn Company Page.


A LinkedIn Company Page

HomeThe Home Page space is incredibly important for giving off a good first impression. Why should someone become interested in your company? When was the company founded? By whom? Has your company accomplished anything noteworthy since its first days?


In addition to your 'About Us' section, the Home tab includes company updates, job postings, and new hires. This feed is your company's way of communicating important messages to your audience.

Cover Image
The first thing a user will see when visiting your company page is your customizable cover image. Use this space to share major company information such as in the example below, HubSpot's Inbound 2013 Conference.


This image is what will welcome users to your page, so make it pop. Pick an image that represents your company or brand well to impress your audience right away.

Company Updates
When logged in as a Company Page administrator, you will see a box for you to post updates at the very top of your company page. These posts will appear in your 'Recent Updates' feed and serve as your company's way of communicating important messages to your audience. This content that links back to your website will help generate leads and grow your business.


Are you missing your "attach a link" button? Don't worry, you can still attach a link, it just appears differently. If you wish to post a piece of content or an article, just paste the link into the post box and wait for a preview box to pop up. Once the preview has revealed itself, you may delete the link from the post box and start typing commentary.


This feature is similar to that of Facebook. You might also notice that you can check or uncheck a box that says "include Photo," located under your targeting options. If you uncheck this box, the photo will be removed from your link once you click "share."

Company Updates
As a bonus, 24 hours after you've posted an update, you will see a few different metrics in grey font. These show the number of impressions, clicks, and engagement percentage from your posts. You'll find these metrics located on the bottom left of your update, right under the photo preview.


One last tip about company updates: don't forget to engage with your audience. Keep the conversation going by liking and commenting on updates. What makes this even better is that LinkedIn now lets you interact using your company name and image instead of your individual profile information.

About Us
LinkedIn's cover image capability is awesome, but do you remember what was there when Company Pages first launched? That's right, your company summary, or 'About Us' section. This has been moved to the very bottom of the Home tab, below the page's Company Updates. Just remember, users who are trying to learn about your company for the first time will see your cover image first, then your updates, and will finally have to scroll all the way down to find out more general information. Better make sure your cover image is captivating!


But, this requires a PAID subscription.
If you want to become the company that everyone wants to work for, your 'Careers' page is absolutely essential. Help your audience understand your company's culture and available career opportunities.


In this section, you are able to showcase awards, map out career paths within your company, highlight your best employees, and post jobs that target the right candidates using automated job matching.

Not only can you reach over 200 million professionals worldwide, but you have the ability to see exactly who has viewed your job using real-time analytics. Find out how closely they match your posting based on a 1-10 score, and then dig even further by seeing who the applicant is connected to.

Your Products tab is a great place to collect recommendations and display what you sell. This tab is especially important because it allows you to drive traffic back to your website's products or services page, which can ultimately drive sales.

70% of people follow links posted by friends and family, which is exactly why LinkedIn Recommendations exist. Users have the ability to see recommendations from trusted LinkedIn members and who these members are connected to. This adds a more personal feel to a brand's products – one that you don't necessarily get from a website.


Your Products tab cover photo is prime territory for a call-to-action. Make the most of this space by optimizing your image for the page. This means using a high resolution photo with a small file size in order to keep the page load time to a minimum.

Page Insights
Page Insights will allow you to track page views and unique visitors on your overall page, as well as each individual tab. LinkedIn also measure how many clicks your products or services have received and the number of members following your company. These insights are really valuable for understanding who's visiting your page and tracking how much traffic you're driving to your website.


Get to this page from your home tab by rolling over the blue 'edit' menu and clicking on 'View Page Insights." Once there, you'll see a dashboard of visitor analytics, including: page views, visitor demographics, unique visitors, products tab clicks, and careers tab click.

Dive further into your page metrics by clicking on one of the reports within your dashboard.


Take Page Visitor Demographics for example. Within the report, you can break down your visitors based on:

  • Seniority
  • Industry
  • Function
  • Region
  • Company Size
  • Employee/Non-employee

Follower Insights
The following statistics tab will show company update engagement, follower demographics, company update impressions, and your follower progress including recent users, new followers, and member growth.

With these insights, you are able to take an even deeper dive into your page analytics by viewing engagement by clicks, likes comments, shares and percentages.


Similar to your Page Insights tab, you will land on a dashboard full of metrics regarding follower engagement. This analytics section provides a great way to track your Company Page marketing efforts over time.

Employee Insights
So you understand a bit more about your followers and page visitors, but you'd like to learn more about what makes your business actually run. Who are the people that make the company function and what are they all about?


With Employee Insights, you can learn exactly which employees have new titles, which have departed recently, which previous companies the employees came from, top skills and expertise these employees have, and which employees have received the most recommendations.

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