How to Keep Your Inbound Marketing On Track This Year

Posted by Murray Sye

on Mon, Jan 20, 2014 @ 09:24 AM

Want more leads filling up your sales pipeline? Sure you do, and who wouldn't. But as innovation and growth continues to speed up all around us, it becomes harder and harder for marketers to stay on course. If you want your marketing to drive more prospects to your website and generate even more leads for you this year, take a peek at our top 10 ways to help keep you focused and your business moving in the right "inbound" direction.


1) Stop running campaigns

The traditional marketing campaign – with its established start and stop dates – is on its way out. The new model? Real-time marketing based on the consumer's schedule, not yours!

2) Let inbound marketing spread throughout your company

Attracting customers through creating content and adding value isn't only for marketers. Let this be the year you spread the inbound love to other departments (like sales).

3) Stop sending "eMail blasts"

Hitting everyone on your list with the same, blanket email won't cut it in 2014. Instead, segment your list according to behaviors/preferences and send personalized content.

4) Invest in content to improve SEO

Google can now recognize full-question searches (instead of just specific keywords). To take advantage, answer the questions your customers are asking  with compelling content.

5) Boost your SEO with Social

Social signals and recommendations are now among the most important ranking factors in Google results. So, to give your SEO a boost, focus on getting those "+1s" and "likes."

6) Close the loop

Being able to track visitors to leads to customers is a magic bullet for inbound marketers. Armed with this closed-loop reporting, you can truly see what's working and what isn't.

7) Encourage audience participation

While audiences were once passive listeners, they now regularly create and share media via social. The next step? Encourage audiences to help with product planning and creation.

8) Be a good (social) listener

"Social listening" means more than simply trolling social media networks for keywords and trigger events. The best listeners develop lists of prospects and engage with them human-to-human.

9) Be a holistic marketer

Consumers have all the power, and they research and buy across many platforms and screens. Instead of focusing on a specific channel, focus on delivering a holistic experience.

10) Have doubts, question everything

2014 is the year of self-doubt: a year when we as marketers should look at what we're doing and ask "Why?" The more you question, the more you'll learn, and the more you'll improve.

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Written by Murray Sye

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