92.7% Of HubSpot Customers Experienced A Significant Increase In Leads

Posted by Murray Sye

on Wed, Feb 19, 2014 @ 11:14 AM

In February, HubSpot released the data behind their annual customer ROI survey. The survey – delivered to almost 2,000 customers – investigates those customers' quantitative results to get a comprehensive answer to one question: how successful is Inbound marketing working for their customers?

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As a HubSpot customer ourselves, it's not surprising to us that the data reveals some pretty impressive takeaways. Having been practicing the methodologies and strategies of inbound for the past 4-years, our Toronto agency has also experienced significant growth. Inbound is a model that sets you up for long term growth by providing a sustainable business model.

Investing in Inbound provides sustainable growth

Investing in Inbound means you get consistent traffic and leads coming to your website every single month. Within a few months of starting, you don't have to worry as much about where your next month's leads are coming from, as you'll be consistently getting more visitors to your website and converting them to leads because of the previous months' work.


We have found that if you put in the work for that investment, you'll be setting your business up for long term, sustainable growth. I'll let the numbers speak for themselves, but in a nutshell, "Inbound generates revenue, fast!"

Since using HubSpot and implementing Inbound, website traffic increased 92.34%.


Since using HubSpot, 92.34% of customers noted an increase in traffic to their website. Of those customers, 29.8% reported an increase of more than 100% of traffic since using HubSpot.

Customers started to see a significant increase in traffic within a relatively short period of time. 85% of customers started seeing a traffic increase within 7 months or less with 16.7% of customers reporting an increase in traffic in less than 1 month.

An increase in traffic also led to an increase in leads for 93% of customers


The report also found that customers experienced a significant increase in leads since using HubSpot. Overall, 92.7% of customers have experienced some degree of increase in their leads per month, while 38.4% of customers reported an increase of more than 100% in their leads.

To those marketers who are still clinging to traditional, campaign driven marketing, I suggest you take a second look at Inbound. Essentially, Inbound marketing sets you up for long-term growth and a sustainable business model. With a some careful planning you'll be well on your way to transforming the way your company does marketing (for the better).

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