How To Sell Inbound Marketing Internally - Coping With Push Back

Posted by Nolan Wilson

on Thu, Mar 6, 2014 @ 07:36 AM

Early adopters of inbound marketing are reaping the rewards of the calculated risk they took.  They are ahead of the curve and well-positioned going forward to effectively market their brand online.  However, this is the case for only a small portion of organizations, and many are now in the position of playing catch up.


Anticipate Internal Push Back

With the change in direction Google is taking - placing emphasis on creating high quality content offering value to online users - the value of inbound marketing as a strategy is quickly being realized.  However, successful adoption of inbound marketing requires internal acceptance for it to be a truly successful initiative.

As with any new marketing strategy or tactic, there will always be come skepticism regarding its effectiveness and the value and ROI it will provide your organization.  If you are working on building support for inbound marketing internally, expect some push back from employees.  This is just natural.

However, having some statistics to back up your argument for adoption will go a long way, especially when it comes to convincing the internal skeptics.  Marketing Benchmarks from 7,000+ Businesses will provide you with all the ammo you need to back up your argument for onboarding inbound marketing.  As they say, numbers don't lie!

New Call-to-Action

With any new change in direction or adoption of new marketing strategies, internal employees will naturally have some aversion to change.  Change is often perceived as a threat; and anything that will have an effect on the status quo needs to be framed in the right way in order to minimize push back.

Address Push Back

How can you address push back when selling inbound marketing internally?

  1. Clearly communicate the purpose of shifting to an inbound marketing strategy.
  2. Understand the internal perspective and frame your need for inbound marketing accordingly.
  3. Clearly outline the benefits of adoption from your employee's perspective.  How does it benefit them?
  4. Create incentives and motivation to overcome push back and promote adoption.

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Common Mistakes That Create Push Back

One of the main reasons marketers are encountering issues getting their companies onboard with inbound marketing is they are making some common mistakes.  These mistakes create internal push back.  As outlined by HubSpot in a recent post titled 4 Hurdles Marketers Face Selling Inbound Internally (and How to Overcome Them), there are four main obstacles marketers experience when trying to sell inboard marketing internally.

  1. There is a lack of understanding of inbound marketing.
    Education and training is essential when selling anything new internally.  Since inbound marketing can be perceived as a relatively new concept, you will need to provide some background and educate your stakeholders about the merits of inbound marketing before you sell them on adoption.
  2. The framework for inbound marketing is not in place.
    Again, since inbound marketing is new to many internal stakeholders, many organizations are not in the position to adopt immediately because they lack the necessary framework.
  3. There is no content to work with.
    Those who are late to the party may need to start from scratch to get their content development plan and strategy up and running.
  4. Unsure how to implement inbound marketing internally.
    Many companies are turning to marketing agencies who are experienced with inbound marketing to assist with the implementation of inbound marketing and content development.

Ramping Up Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

One of the most effective ways to assist with ramp up and encourage internal adoption is through education, training and creating a baseline of your current marketing efforts.

You can do this by taking advantage of our FREE marketing analysis.  Just request an evaluation and we will review your online marketing and social impact and provide you with some suggestions about how to approach implementation.

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We can even provide you with assistance selling inbound marketing internally.  Please give us a call.  We're always happy to help!

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