6 Reasons Companies Must Consider Outsourcing Content Development

Posted by Nolan Wilson

on Fri, Mar 14, 2014 @ 09:11 AM

10 Reasons Companies Must Consider Outsourcing Content Development


Content is essential for inbound marketing – it is the lifeline that feeds your inbound marketing activities, and it is the primary means for attracting and engaging your customers.

If the content is not right, your marketing will suffer and this could cost you in multiple ways. You could lose out on leads, fail to convert leads, have customers disengage with your brand, and ultimately see a dip in sales.

Are you willing to take the chance with your content?  


73% of people prefer to get information about an organization through a series of articles rather than in a traditional advertisement.


What are content development services?

One of the biggest challenges that organizations face today is creating high quality content that engages their customers and helps them achieve their business goals and objectives. With the shift to inbound marketing that is taking place, content development services have become a vital part of branding online.

Content development services are catered specific to your business needs and can include some or all of these services:

  • Blogging
  • Social media management
  • Email marketing
  • Premium E-books
  • E-newsletters
  • Whitepapers
  • Online press releases
  • Custom landing pages
  • Search Engine Optimization


For more information about content development and how to improve your marketing, check out How To Improve Your Marketing Today, a FREE E-book with tips and advice from industry experts about content, SEO, lead generation and more.


Benefits of using an inbound marketing professional for content development

  1. Expertise: While you are efficient at running your business, you are probably not an inbound marketing expert. Why waste time struggling with content development, when you can hire a professional to handle it? We keep up with the latest developments and news in the marketing industry for you.  
  2. Time efficiency: Time is an important commodity when running a business. It will take you a lot more time and effort to create content than it would for an inbound marketing professional. Successful businesses are efficient. They know when to do things in-house and when to hire outside consultants. Use your time where you are most effective – operating your business.
  3. Quality: When you hire professionals, you can expect professional quality content. No worrying about if you are doing things the right way or if you have the right people internally writing your content.
  4. Strategic direction: This is not our first rodeo. Once we assess your content development needs, we will be able to quickly create an effective content plan that will boost your marketing efforts.
  5. A fresh perspective: Hiring inbound marketing professionals will not only help you get your content marketing on track, we will also be able to provide you with a fresh perspective and assess your content and marketing with a second set of eyes.
  6. A systemized approach: We already have the tools and systems in place to maximize the effectiveness of your content development plan. Take advantage of it!


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Improve Your Content Development Today!

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Written by Nolan Wilson

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