HubSpot Receives Top Honors as Best Marketing Automation System

Posted by Nolan Wilson

on Thu, Mar 13, 2014 @ 08:57 AM

Congratulations to HubSpot!
HubSpot took away top honors as the best all-around marketing automation system in the recently released VentureBeat marketing automation report.

HubSpot Receives Top Honors as Best Marketing Automation System

Released February 26, 2014, the 1,000-plus respondents to the survey ranked marketing automation leaders on a number of important factors such as cost, maturity, performance, reliability, and ease of integration.  

This is a feather in the cap for HubSpot, which has consistently been at the forefront of the marketing automation industry. Seeing the value in marketing automation tools in its infancy, Whitespace joined HubSpot in 2007 and was one of the earliest adopters of the marketing platform. However, much like Mike Volpe, CMO at HubSpot, we also understand that there is still a lot of work to do in the industry.

As outlined by Volpe in Hubspot Ranked #1 Marketing Automation Software Vendor in VentureBeat Survey, while the honor is a sign of the value that HubSpot customers see in Marketing Automation, there are also a number of other important findings from the report:

  • The daily life of marketers has fundamentally changed
  • The traditional marketing model is broken
  • In spite of massive growth, we are still in the early adoption phase of marketing automation

The room for growth and opportunity for companies to improve their marketing is echoed by the VentureBeat report author:

“There’s tremendous growth, tremendous opportunity, and tremendous upheaval in this market,” says report author Wendy Schuchart.

She goes on to add, “Even after years of 50% industry growth, only about 3% of non-tech companies have adopted marketing automation to date. Which means there’s also a lot of uncertainty for companies about how to proceed.”

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We have always believed HubSpot to be the best marketing automation platform available and have used it to support our own marketing since 2007. Being HubsSpot Certified for over 6 years has enabled us to help companies build the infrastructure necessary to leverage the power of inbound marketing and lay the groundwork for future success.


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