Generate More eCommerce Leads And Sales Through eMail Marketing

Posted by Murray Sye

on Tue, Mar 25, 2014 @ 09:07 AM

Building relationships with customers is the ultimate key to success. For eCommerce businesses, managing these conversations can translate to increased website traffic and higher revenue. But this is all easier said than done. Being an online business can have its drawbacks.

 Generate More eCommerce Leads And Sales Through eMail Marketing

There is an innate barrier to creating intimate face-to-face relationship when marketing online. But on the flip-side, being online allows for eCommerce businesses to use inbound marketing methods to access their target markets effectively and efficiently. So, what's a key step your eCommerce business should take to get started? Email marketing.

How can eCommerce emails nurture abandoned carts?

An abandoned cart is when a customer visits a website but leaves without making the desired purchase. Nurturing these customers efficiently and effectively can reverse this trend and lead to increased sales.


timing ecommerce email.jpg

Timing plays a crucial role in all of this. Sending a follow up email at the right time makes all the difference. The sooner you reach out again, the likelier you are to get your potential customer back.

Make your emails stand out
It is important to hook your readers so that they are more enticed to open the emails you send. One of the places you can do this is the subject line. Below are the open rates of emails when different components are incorporated into the subject line of an email.

Conversion Rates Dependent On Subject Lines

Emails lead to sales

Need some more convincing before you can start to incorporate email marketing to your budget? Statistics show that 80% of internet shoppers have followed through with a purchase after viewing an email marketing promotion. Furthermore, 30% of people exposed to an email marketing campaign went on to instantly make an online purchase. The numbers speak for themselves.

eMail marketing can be exactly what your eCommerce business needs to boost online sales and customer activity. The statistics prove that only positive results can come from investing time and money toward a comprehensive marketing plan that includes email marketing. Your company's customer lifetime value depends on it. In addition, email marketing can improve the churn rate of your email lists and lower unsubscribe rates.

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