How To Increase Your Twitter Followers

Posted by Murray Sye

on Thu, Apr 10, 2014 @ 08:47 AM

How to increase your twitter followers

Need a friendly reminder of how to best grow your professional Twitter followers? Okay, don't we all. Here's a handy go-to guide for organically collecting more followers to increase your clout or grow your business.

1) Create and optimize your profile
Determine your purpose for being on Twitter, and identify a target audience to determine what you should tweet. Customize your Twitter profile to a) make it look smart, b) inform potential followers who your are, and c) provide a reason why you're worth a follow.

2) Tweet 24/7

Your greatest leverage for growing your followers is to tweet around the clock. Tweet content you create, tweet content created by others; and tweet that content more than once. Install the Chrome extension for your social publishing tool of choice to more efficiently tweet content as you discover it.

3) Curate content like a pro
When it comes to Twitter, it matters less where the content you tweet came from and more that it's valuable to your existing and future followers. Use Feedly, Goodreads, Alltop, Twitter (lists), StumbleUpon, LinkedIn Pulse, and what's hot on Pinterest and Google+ to discover great content to tweet.

4) Go beyond text: Make tweets visual

Take the time to create great visuals. It pays off in engagement, conversation, and click-through rates.

5) Follow and list a lot of real people

Your second greatest lever for growing your followers other than tweeting around the clock is to follow and list people (without violating Twitter's follower restrictions).

6) Attend a hashtag-friendly event

Your next best bet for growing your following is to attend a conference or join a Twitter chat because your tweets reach an attentive audience with greater frequency.

7) Make your profile easy to follow

At the very least, place a Twitter follow button on your website homepage, your "About Us" page, and your blog homepage sidebar.

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