How to Increase CTA Leads With a Few Optimization Tweaks

Posted by Murray Sye

on Wed, Apr 23, 2014 @ 08:57 AM

When it comes to optimizing your blog posts for lead generation, calls-to-action (CTAs) are your best friends. Lead generation CTAs are designed to take visitors to landing pages, where they can fill out forms in exchange for valuable resources.

How to Increase Leads With a Few Web Optimization Tweaks

At WhiteSpace, we tend to put our lead generation CTAs at the bottom of our posts, (like the one you see at the bottom of this article) but we also run a series of CTAs down the side bar of our blog as well, to your right. Ultimately, the best way to improve the click-through rates of your CTAs is through (you guessed it) A/B testing. However, there are a couple of other tips that can help as well.

1) A/B test blog CTA location, colour, copy and design

By A/B testing different CTA variations on your blog, you can increase click-through rates by 200% or higher! The key here is to pick one element at a time to test, e.g. location, colour, copy or design. Then, you need to run your test long enough to get statistically significant results. Sound a bit complicated? Thanks to HubSpot for offering these additional resources: Getting Started With A/B Testing, and you may also want to read one of our most recent blog article, Top 4 Elements to Test on Landing Pages.

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2) Use a secondary CTA to convert visitors into subscribers
If your site's visitors aren't interested in what you're offering in your primary, lead generation CTA, make sure you give them a second opportunity to engage: include a secondary CTA that prompts visitors to subscribe to your blog.


3) Use Smart CTAs to provide more personalized experiences
Smart CTAs are an example of dynamic content: content that is specifically tailored to readers according to how they're segmented in your contacts database. For example, using Smart CTAs, you could display an "Email this to a friend" CTA for subscribers of your blog, and a "Subscribe to our blog" CTA for non-subscribers.


HubSpot recently analyzed the data for 93,000 Smart CTAs – with hundreds of millions of views – over a 12-month period, and found that they had a 42% higher view-to-subscription rate than their static counterparts.

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