Social Media: A Few "Nice-To-Know" Updates That You Might Not Know

Posted by Murray Sye

on Mon, Apr 28, 2014 @ 09:03 AM

It's important for marketers to keep pace with some of the fastest-moving companies on earth, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and Pinterest. Leveraging these social media channels can be a challenge as they continue to make changes and evolve.


Social Media A Few Nice To Know Updates That You May Not Be Aware Of

In today's post we'll catch up on a few "nice-to-know" updates to help you keep pace, or even help you get ahead of the social media curve.


Facebook updated algorithm... again
The new algorithm update aims to deliver more news. The importance of text status updates from companies have also been demoted in the newsfeed, meaning links within the "link-share" (i.e. attaching links via the button below a Facebook post, rather than just pasting a link into your update) will be more important.

Twitter goes public:

While this shouldn't change your approach, it was a major update in the social media world. It may also have repercussions for Twitter's business offerings down the road. Some predict Twitter's recent purchase of other companies coiuld mean better ad targeting and analytics.

Vine vanity URL:
Now you can register a vanity URL of your choice (so long as no one has picked it yet) with Vine. This allows companies to point to a singular web location with a branded name to find all of their Vine content.




Unified dashboard on Google+
Marketers can now manage their ad campaigns, update website URLs, monitor their Google+ notifications, and start Hangouts all from one place.

Promoted Pins:

Pinterest has started experimenting with promoting certain pins from a select group of businesses. The social platform says it's aiming to keep its ads tasteful, transparent, and relevant.

Instagram sponsored ads:
Instagram ads are tailored entirely to the user based on information from their Instagram and Facebook accounts. Users have the opportunity to hide ads by clicking the " ... " button beneath them.

LinkedIn Contacts:
LinkedIn is able to pull in and maintain your contacts from your address book, emails, and calendar. It also provides a timeline for your contacts, pulling in important notes and other information. While it's not marketing-centric, per se, this will keep relationships personal and well-informed.

SlideShare's Infographic viewer:
With a large, highly engaged audience, this is now a great place for infographics thanks to this feature update.

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