5 Ways to Use Conversion SEO for eCommerce Marketing

Posted by Nolan Wilson

on Wed, May 7, 2014 @ 09:09 AM

Looking to Boost Sales? Conversion SEO is the Way to Go! We all know that SEO helps to drive traffic to your website, but this doesn’t mean that it will result in better sales for eCommerce.

5 Ways to Use Conversion SEO for eCommerce Marketing

While many of the fundamental principles are still the same, focusing on conversion SEO for your eCommerce marketing strategy will better position your products and help you attract the visitors you want – the customers who are ready to make a purchase!

How to Leverage Conversion SEO to Enhance your eCommerce Website

1) Find your revenue generating keywords
If you are not seeing the sales numbers that you anticipated, the first two questions you should ask yourself are:

  • Which keywords are generating revenue?
  • Which keywords are providing little benefit for your eCommerce marketing campaign?

There are many tools that you can use to track user behavior, keywords and conversions. The important thing to do is focus on two types of keywords:

  • Volume phrases: These keywords bring in revenue by driving a large volume of traffic to your site.
  • Quality phrases: These keywords attract customers who are looking for your products and are more likely to convert.

2) Don’t forget about long tail keywords
While they may not bring in huge volumes of traffic when compared to more generic keywords, long tail keywords are more specific and will increase the quality of visitors to your website. This means customers who are more willing to convert and buy your products. Try using a number of long tail keywords on your product pages, as well as in your blogging and link building strategies to tap into that market and start ranking organically for these search terms.

3) Optimize product pages
Properly optimized product pages are essential to the success of your eCommerce marketing campaign. And you can’t phone it in, either! If you want to leverage conversion SEO properly and increase sales, you need to manually write original and targeted product descriptions for every single product. For poorly converting products, consider re-writing the product description.

Best practices for optimizing product pages include:

  • Optimized and descriptive title tags with targeted keywords
  • Alt tags for product images need to include relevant keywords
  • Page content needs to be original, relevant and engaging
  • Internal and external links need to be properly optimized, including having relevant keyword(s) in the URL of your product pages.

Paid search will help you get paid
Don’t overlook the value of using paid search as part of your eCommerce marketing strategy. Focus on high conversion keywords that are providing you with best ROI for paid search. Focus on revenue generating keywords and regularly monitor their performance to maximize your investment.

Try remarketing
Most users do not make a purchase the first time they visit your website.
Remarketing is an effective strategy for re-connecting with people who have previously visited your website by showing them relevant ads through the Google network. You can use remarketing to show prospects the right message so you will be in their mind when they are ready to make a purchase for the product they previously viewed on your website.

Benefits of remarketing include improved ROI for your paid SEO and online ads—ads that are tailored specifically to users who are interested in your products—and it will help to boost conversion rates for your targeted keywords.


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