How Flipagram can help you grow your brand and your business

Posted by Murray Sye

on Mon, Jun 2, 2014 @ 09:30 AM

How Flipagram can help you grow your brand and your business
If you're looking for additional ways to help promote your brand – and who isn't – I'd encourage you to look into Flipagram.

Flipagram is a new photo and video editing mobile application that lets you turn the pictures on your phone into short photo-video stories, set to music. And with their most recent release, you can narrate your flipagrams with your voice. Flipagram reports that within one week of releasing their app they became the 1st overall free app in the US Appstore! 

So how does Flipagram work?

Simply choose any number of photos for the slideshow that you want to share, set the length of the video, add a soundtrack and title if you like. The video stories can then be exported to a number of social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and to Instagram as in the samples I've provided. 

At the moment there are more slideshows created for personal use, but I see an opportunity for businesses, especially ecommerce, to share and promote their products in a more visually engaging way. Flipagram leverages the boom in video promotion and viral marketing that we've seen in recent years. I have no doubt that more brands and advertisers will flock to Flipagram because of this convenient new "free" app. 

The Delicious Life wets your appetite with this Flipagram

Caitlin Turner, Yoga instructor created this compilation

Photographer Jorden Keith promotes his fashion photography business


Rebecca Mincoff's
upcoming store launch

How Flipagram can help you grow your brand and your business 

  • Showcase your branded products specific to current calendar events. Hey, Father's Day is around the corner, why not create a Flipagram to help promote your eCommerce website. Clip the photos together that are relevant to display, add some music, a title and maybe a limited time offer and share it. 

  • If you're showcasing product, why not have someone from your company narrate the 15 seconds, lending an actual voice to your brand and making it more personable. 

  • String a collection of photos together to recap an event or perhaps you've just launched a product at a trade show or opened a new store location. Create a Flipagram and share it. 

  • Use Flipagram in your blogs and other articles. The whole point of photo slideshows is to showcase great photos. Take several images and thread them together and post it in your blog - it's a lot more engaging and will keep your readers interested.

Do you think that Flipagram has a place in your social media marketing strategy? Let us know what you think. We'd like to hear from you.

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