Don't just rely on your website to attract visitors

Posted by Murray Sye

on Tue, Jun 3, 2014 @ 09:48 AM

don't just rely on your website to attract visitorsToday's marketers know that the tough reality is, no matter how wonderful you think your website is, chances are slim that a customer will randomly happen on your site.

To get your website noticed among the nearly one-third of the planet's population, it is therefore imperative that you use as many different online strategies as possible.

So how do you manage in today's over-crowded, marketing landscape? There is no short answer, however in part, winning visitors becomes a matter of being creative and persistent with your marketing.

Here are five ways to help direct additional traffic back to your website.

1) Winning visitors doesn't just happen through your website alone. Businesses often miss out on the little things that bring plenty of traffic. Such as adding your site's URL along with a call-to-action on all your printed matter. Give them a reason to visit – pique their interest by offering a free newsletter, ebook or a special discount on the back of your business card like what we created for bus.card 


2) Become a though leader. Look for traffic-building online discussion groups such as what you'll find on LinkedIn. Look into groups and join the discussion on topics that relate to your business. When the time is right, give out your URL. Be knowledgeable, show your expertise, provide helpful solutions, and point out great articles on the topic. Eventually people will read your profile and come to realize your expertise in the industry, and that's how trust is developed. Over time, people will want to come to you, your website and buy your products.

3) Social media sites offer a similar approach. Leverage networking opportunities on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ by being active in the groups that cater to your web audience, and befriend other like-minded business and people. Remember to only "like" people that make sense to your business otherwise you'll run the risk of being seen as spam. Social media channels are ideal additional ways to attract traffic to your website with links and content that tie back to your website.

4) Here's an unusual traffic-builder for any retail website. Posting items for sale on the major auction and marketplace sites, such as eBay, Yahoo! and Amazon. Those sites let you identify yourself to viewers, and with a few dollars spent on highlighting your items on those sites may just bring in lots of traffic from surfers seeking additional information. Even if you treat those items as lost leaders, the traffic increase your site may experience could well justify your efforts by leading to additional, or future sales.

5) Building traffic through good old email can be the surest and cheapest tool around. Customized email can generate response rates up to 6 percent. eNewsletters are a great way to start building trust and your company's knowledge and experience in the industry. Remember that most of us don't have time to ready lengthy copy, so keep it short. Effective newsletters usually mix news about trends in your field with tips and updates on sales or special pricing. Tidbits, factoids, and trivia are short pieces of info that will help to pique your visitors interest. Include hyperlinks so that interested visitors can go directly to your your website to learn more. 

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