How to Turn Visitors into Active Online Shoppers with Email Marketing

Posted by Nolan Wilson

on Mon, Jun 9, 2014 @ 08:50 AM

How to Turn Visitors into Active Online Shoppers with Email MarketingShopping cart abandonment is at an all-time high and continues to be on the rise. While most people understand this is part of eCommerce, what they are missing is that many people will return to your website to complete a transaction – especially if you follow up with them.

80% of internet shoppers have followed through with a purchase after viewing an email marketing promotion.

Many assume an abandoned shopping cart is a lost sale; and if you treat it this way, then most likely it will be a lost sale. The reality is that an abandoned shopping cart is an opportunity to reel these leads back in.

Why do people abandon their shopping carts online?

3 out of 4 Online Shopping Cart Purchases are Abandoned – Use Email Marketing to Follow Up

There are many reasons why people abandon their shopping carts online, and many are for a good reason. It is easy to assume that an abandoned shopping cart is a result of an unsatisfied customer and a lost lead, but there are many situations where abandonment can be turned to an opportunity to nurture an established lead. They are:

  • The buyer is researching purchase options

  • The buyer’s Internet connection failed

  • The buyer was interrupted (had a phone call, had to pick up the kids from school, etc.)

  • The buyer simply ran out of time

  • There was a payment issue

  • The website experienced a technical issue

These are all very real reasons why a buyer may abandon their shopping cart but still remain interested in making a purchase from your website. They key is to follow up while they still have interest and make it easier for them to return to your website to complete the transaction.

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Enter an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

30% of people exposed to an email marketing campaign went on to instantly make an online purchase.

 If a customer has visited your website and taken the time to add items to your online shopping cart, they are interested in making a purchase. With it being common place that more people abandon their shopping cart rather than actually complete a transaction, you need to have a strategy in place to follow up with these customers and recapture their interest.

Email marketing is one of the most effective strategies to follow up with leads, especially when you use an automated response system to follow up with customers. See Generate More eCommerce Leads And Sales Through Email Marketing

Here are some tips for planning your email marketing strategy to maintain your customers’ interest:

  • Create a series of 3-5 emails

  • Send out the first email within 24 hours of shopping cart abandonment reminding your customer about their products in the shopping cart

  • Use additional emails to incent the customer with coupons, free shipping, update them on special offers and promotions.

  • Use the final email to add some urgency

Personalize Your Customers’ Return

No one wants to start the online shopping process all over again. This is why it is essential to not only personalize the messaging on your website upon a customer’s return; you also need to take them to the spot where they disengaged.

When they return:

  • Offer a personalized welcome message – A simple “Welcome back, Sara!” can do wonders

  • Remind them that their items are still in the shopping cart

  • Offer a list of similar or complementary items they might be interested in purchasing

  • Tell them about current or upcoming sales

  • Make sure messaging is consistent with what you communicated in your emails

Want to improve your ability to generate more business from shopping cart abandonment?

Give us a call! We would be happy to discuss shopping cart abandonment with you and explore ways to increase your conversion rates.


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