The Real Reason Your eCommerce Website Visitors Aren’t Buying

Posted by Nolan Wilson

on Tue, Jun 24, 2014 @ 10:27 AM

The Real Reason Your eCommerce Website Visitors Aren’t BuyingSelling online is increasingly challenging and competitive. As more and more companies realize the potential of eCommerce, even early adapters to eCommerce will have challenges selling in an increasingly crowded online environment.

If you are starting to see a dip in your sales or conversion numbers, then it’s time to take a hard look at your eCommerce strategy to find out why sales are not coming as easily as they did in the past.


Stop Playing the Blame Game
There are many things you can blame when sales start to go south. Some of the common excuses we hear from people when their eCommerce strategy lacks in performance include:

  • The economy is not doing well, and people aren’t buying
  • You can chalk up lost sales to another bout of shopping cart abandonment
  • There is too much competition in your market
  • Google did an algorithm update, and it’s impacting your SEO

Even though these can all have an impact on your eCommerce, the truth is there are still a lot of companies, who are also fighting these factors, which are doing extremely well.

How do they have great conversion rates? Why are their customers buying? They know how to connect with their customers on an emotional level!

The Real Reason Website Visitors Aren’t Buying - You Are Missing an Emotional Connection with Your Customers

It’s no secret that competition is stiff these days. Consumers are inundated with marketing messages, special offers, and purchase requests. This is why you need to move above this and focus on connecting with your customers on another level.

It is vital to create an emotional connection with your brand through the experience you create for your customers online. This means everything from your site layout, sales text, imagery, video, and design need to cohesively connect with users on a deeper level – an emotional level.

Successful eCommerce websites and online retailers know how to connect with website visitors on an emotional level. Emotional connections play a significant role in a person’s decision to make a purchase. When you can tap into them by fulfilling a need or solving a problem, then you will win over the visitor and turn them into a customer.

Learn more about how to better understand your customers in: eCommerce Marketer: How Well Do You Know Your Buyer Persona?

How to Connect Emotionally with Your Customers – eCommerce and Emotional Triggers

People don’t come to your website to buy, they come to solve a problem or fulfill a need. Companies which can connect emotionally and help people meet an objective will have a new customer. This connection is successful when you tap into your customers’ emotional triggers, or reasons they will choose to buy.

Emotional triggers will vary based on the customers you are targeting and the goods and services you are attempting to sell. Here are some of the most common emotional triggers you could tap into:

  • Time efficiency – “save time” or “have more time for other things”
  • Trust
  • Guilt
  • Fear
  • Value
  • Belonging or sense of community
  • Being unique

Emotions and feelings are very powerful, and your ability to connect with your customers through the experience you create for them using website copy, video, music, themes, and mood play a significant role in your ability to sell in an increasingly competitive online environment.

If your eCommerce website is under-performing, think about how good of a job you are doing at motivating and inspiring your customers to fulfill a need or solve a problem. This may be the key to turning things around.

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