What the World Cup Can Teach Us About Winning Marketing Teams

Posted by Nolan Wilson

on Fri, Jul 11, 2014 @ 10:14 AM

The Beautiful Game is on Full Display
With the World Cup in full swing again, the best “footy” talent in the world is on display. Even if you are not into soccer, you have probably noticed the extra-long lunch breaks and lack of production from some of your coworkers and business partners who are deeply engaged in supporting their home country.


What the World Cup Can Teach Us About Winning Marketing Teams

Like in past years, there will be surprises, let downs, underachievers, and surprise underdogs; and at the end of the tournament, there will be one team that stands triumphant as the winning team and World Cup Champion. 

What is it that makes one team better than the rest? Is it talent? Is it team work? Is it luck of the draw? Is it strategy? What about organizational culture, management, and leadership? What roles do they play in winning teams?

The World Cup, Winning Teams, and Organizational Success
We can learn a lot about winning teams from the countries participating in the World Cup and from sports in general. Perhaps the greatest lesson that we learn about professional sports is that the team with the best players does not always come out on top – it’s the sporting organization which has the best team and culture that often wins the big game.

This also holds true in the business world. Winning teams can’t exist (whether they be “footy” or marketing teams) unless they are based on the strong foundation of a good corporate culture and brand message, and communicate a value proposition in a clear and immediately understandable manner.

Winning teams start at the top with leadership and filter down through organizational culture when individual team members buy in to the core values of a company or team.

Characteristics of a Winning Team
Whether you are in the board room or on the soccer pitch, the characteristics of a winning team hold true:

  • Everyone clearly understands what success is

  • The team leverages the strengths of individuals member while mitigating weaknesses

  • Performance is discussed and addressed in an open, honest and constructive manner

  • All team members feel like they are a valued contributor, regardless of their role

  • There are measures in place to effectively deal with conflict

  • Winning teams become closer and get stronger when dealing with adversity

  • Values are shared collectively and help to shape organizational culture

The Importance of Culture Over Talent

Strong and successful organizations understand the importance of a strong and cohesive organizational culture. Success in inbound marketing and anything else is not always about talent alone. This is why more and more organizations have changed their approach for hiring. It’s no longer just about a padded resume; it is also about a potential team member’s fit within the team and organizational culture.

Do they have similar values and beliefs? Is their approach to business, marketing, and customer service in line with your team’s approach? These questions are increasingly important, especially in highly competitive markets where you cannot afford to have a team that’s not on the same page.

Winning Teams Win Over Customers

Winning teams have what it take to win over customers. A strong organizational culture and cohesive approach to marketing and customer relations makes it possible for your team to focus on the most important thing in marketing – your customers. A winning marketing team has the ability to create and offer innovative and customer-centric products and services that are not only attractive to targeted customers, but also solve a need, want or problem.

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