How to Optimize Your #Tweets For Lead Gen In 25 Minutes A Day

Posted by Murray Sye

on Wed, Jul 2, 2014 @ 02:58 PM

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Twitter is a very powerful social media channel that can help generate qualified leads for your business. So don't just look to #Twitter for getting followers, retweets and replies – with proper strategy, it's a lead generation machine. The question remains, how do you manage to stay on top of Twitter when you're already managing many other channels and campaigns already? But, here's the good news – all you need is 25 minutes a day.

Okay, so set your clock and let's see what we can come up with in 25 minutes.

0 – 5 Minutes: Keep it simple and create an awesome tweet.

140 characters for lead generation doesn't seem like a lot, and it isn't. That's why you have to make your "lead generation" tweets count. Tweets specifically for lead gen are different. In contrast to a lot of tweets, for lead generation, you want a very short tweet – well below 140 characters. You also want to have a clear call-to-action, a really catchy and intriguing message with one link.   

Tweet to Lead Gen_WhiteSpaceIn contrast to the above tweet, including additional #hashtags and mentions, multiple links and even an image can be a distraction.

Tweets w/

5 – 8 Minutes:
Take your tweet to the next level and promote it.

It's really important to grow your followers - but to get that tweet in front of a really relevant audience that may not know about you yet, but to have that offer pop up within their stream. You'll need to target the audience that you're trying to reach. Think about the relevant keywords that you know your target audience would be interested in and include those in your tweets. Start at a minimum of  25 keywords per campaign - test them and see what resonates. You can target people, follow influencers and brands.

8 – 12 Minutes:
Generate leads directly on Twitter with a lead gen card.

Essentially a lead gen card makes it easy for people to express an interest in what your business offers. When they expand your tweet, they'll see a description of the offer and a call-to-action. Their name, @username, and email address (which they have previously entered in their Twitter settings) are already pre-filled within the Card (as in the sample below). All it takes is a simple "click of their mouse" for the user to send their information to you.

Twitter lead gen

12 – 15 Minutes:
Conversation tracking on tweets.
Twitter offers a free conversion tracking tool in their ad platform. Let's say you're a shoe retailer and you want to measure how a specific promoted Tweet campaign drove purchases on your website. Using conversion tracking, you would create a "purchase" conversion tag and place it on your purchase confirmation page. When a user reaches that page, the tag reports to Twitter that a purchase has occurred. Twitter matches that event against the set of users who have viewed or engaged with any valid Promoted Tweet campaign.

15 – 20 Minutes: Analyze your campaigns.

It's important to know how well your campaigns are performing (or not) and to modify your tweets accordingly. When analyzing your twitter data the main things you'll need to consider are engagement rates, impressions, and your cost of engagement. It's important to always be testing and learning from your campaigns. A low, effective cost per engagement with high engagement rates are really the sweet spot that you're looking for. Always remember to keep your campaign tweets fresh, don't expect the same message to perform well for several weeks without editing the copy.

20 – 25 Minutes:
Optimize campaigns and follow up.

In the final five minutes, take what you've done in the first twenty minutes and optimize your campaigns, improve your follow up with your leads, and improve the work you're going to do moving forward. 1) Start slow. Begin by testing and learning from your campaigns. 2) Review the performance metrics for each of your lead gen cards. Make small tweaks to your campaigns but keep it simple. 3) Once you find the right combination in your tweet, scale up using that formula. 4) Don't forget to follow up with your leads through an email. 

Remember that your Lead Gen Cards don't capture much information other than their name, email and @TwitterHandle. Ideally you'll want to start a lead nurturing campaign to get more information from your leads and work them down your marketing funnel.

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