10 Common #Twitter Mistakes All Businesses Need to Avoid – How Not to be a Twit on Twitter

Posted by Nolan Wilson

on Thu, Jul 3, 2014 @ 09:44 AM

10 Common TwitterMistakes All Businesses Need to Avoid – How Not to be a Twit on TwitterThere is no denying the power of Twitter as an effective tool for businesses to connect and engage with customers – that is, if you do it correctly.

If you have noticed that you are losing followers, are having difficulty engaging with other users, or are falling short on your expectations for success, it may be time to re-evaluate how you use Twitter. You could be guilty of making some of the common Twitter mistakes that will alienate users and cause them to disengage with your brand.


Twitter Mistakes You Need To Stop Now!

1. You are a constant self-promoter – Are all your tweets about your company? It might be time to tone that down and add some variety to your tweets to provide more value to users. 

You focus on the hard sell – Is selling the main function of your Twitter account? People are not fans of the hard sell on social media. Focus on offering information and tips that other users will find interesting and useful.

Your tweets are not engaging – You need to make your 140 character messages as engaging as possible. Word selection is essential. Use words, tips, stats, and facts that will capture the attention of your followers.

You are a serial re-tweeter – While re-tweeting is fine and dandy, doing it repeatedly can get a little annoying. You need to mix in some original tweets to make your account more engaging.

You don’t use #hashtags – If you don’t use hashtags, you are missing out on significant opportunities to connect and engage with other users and promote your brand. Hashtags allow you to enter conversations relevant to your business, and it also make your tweets more visible. Find the hashtags that are relevant to your brand and use them!

You don’t retweet enough – Not re-tweeting enough can also be an issue. Retweeting other user’s posts is a great way to provide information to your followers from another source. It’s also a good way to get new followers.

You are too cool to follow back – Twitter is all about engagement, and this means that it’s in your best interest to follow back users when they follow you. We’re not saying to follow back everyone, but follow back other users you think will be a good connection and could be beneficial.

You are a tweet repeater – Yes, we heard you the first time. Repeating the same tweet over and over again is not an effective strategy. While linking to the same post multiple times is a good idea, change up the Twitter message each time to keep your tweets fresh.

You tweet in random bursts – Ever view your Twitter feed and see 15 posts by the same user within a short time frame? Yeah, don’t do that! Spread out your tweets over the course of the day – ideally during times when your followers are most likely to respond and engage.

You put it on auto pilot – With Twitter, you cannot set it and forget it. Yes, pre-loading tweets is time efficient and is an effective way to manage your social media, but you still need to follow up with users who re-tweet and share your posts, and send you direct messages. Engaging with other users is an essential part of using Twitter.

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