A Proven Path To Creating Good Content For Your Business

Posted by Murray Sye

on Mon, Jul 7, 2014 @ 11:09 AM

A Proven Path To Creating Good Content For Your Business Putting out fresh, relevant content is not just a good idea today, it's a vital step in achieving marketing success. And, there is no better way to add relevant content to your website on a regular basis than to utilize a blog. Take the time right now, put a plan in place that helps you to regularly produce quality content that will help boost your marketing.

Here's a simple guide that will help you get started.

1) You don't know how much you know
I don't know how often we hear this; "I don't know what to write about." Think about what interests you, your passions, your expertise. Make a list of the things you know about, the things people seem to want to hear about, the topics that you're interested in and that get you excited.

2) Search out great resources

Collect the websites, blogs, books and other sources that contain the best writing and reporting about your topics. Keep adding new ones and pruning the less valuable ones.

3) You are a sponge – read and absorb

Every day. The good stuff, a lot of it. Within your topics, by the sources that matter. Analyze what works. Read some bad stuff, too. Ask yourself, "What mades it bad?"

4) Save things

Remember when you read that one piece and you recognized what it was missing, or it sparked a related idea that went unexplored? Did you save it, file it away in a proper place with your notes and ideas? That's what writers do. Do that.

5) Hold an editorial meeting

Grab a few colleagues, tell them to bring along a few of the really good things they've read recently and one or two important topics. Share your ideas. Think up headlines for articles you'd all like to read. Now assign them to each other. Repeat on a regular basis.

6) Make yourself accountable with a deadline

Deadlines provide focus and motivation. To really work, they must be shared. Put them on an editorial calendar. Hold yourself accountable to your deadlines. Get other people to hold you to them. Hold other people to theirs.

7) Write and write some more

This is the natural extension of reading, keeping notes refining of your ideas with colleagues. Know your andle. Share an anecdote that helps illustrate your point. Be clear. Don't use words you don't understand. Be yourself. Don't waste your words by using them carelessly.

8) Get edited

Good content comes in part from good editing. You need an editor. Ask your editor to ensure what you've written is clear and has a point. Ask her to be generous with praise. Talk about the changes made. Focus on what serves the reader, not your ego.

9) Start it all over again

Repeat! Writing good content isn't rocket science but it does require multiple steps. The more you do it, the better and easier it gets.

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