eCommerce: What To Do Next After A Customer's First Purchase

Posted by Murray Sye

on Wed, Jul 16, 2014 @ 09:58 AM

Every etailer needs a strong nurturing campaign for a customer's first purchase. They said "Yes!" to you, so it's time to put your best foot forward and follow up strong. In today's blog, we'll walk through the essential elements of a campaign to deepen the relationship between your company and its new customers.

eCommerce: What To Do Next After A Customer's First Purchase

Spice up your confirmation emails
Just because the first email post-purchase is transactional doesn't mean it has to be boring (or lacking a CTA for that matter). Nearly everyone opens a confirmation email after making a purchase, so make it work for you!

welcome email

You can include secondary incentives to purchase and further engage with your company. This email from Jack Threads (purchase details removed from message body) includes calls-to-action to view their blog and follow them on Facebook.

Don't forget shipping emails
This confirmation email from JackThreads offers a prominent incentive to invite friends. You could also include educational content preparing people for the product that is about to arrive at their doorstep. Is there anything on your blog that would help a customer see more value or usage from the product? Include a link to that in your message.

Order has shipped

Of course, another approach is just to charm the heck out of your customer, getting them to talk about your to any and all who might be nearby when they open your email (as I did when I received this Warby Parker email).

order is on its way

Send a Thank You note

Your mother taught you well. So why not send thank you notes to the people you appreciate at work too (most of all, your customers)?

As long as it's a heartfelt message, people will appreciate it. And if you've done your homework and put them on the right list, the product recommendations you choose to make in the email will add value as well.

Thank you follow up

In addition, you can thank them with a discount or credit towards their next purchase. Here is an example from Home Depot which also makes good use of their educational resources, the "How-To Community".

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