Find Your Sweet Spot to Social Media Timing and Posting Frequency

Posted by Murray Sye

on Tue, Jul 22, 2014 @ 09:19 AM

Find Your Sweet Spot to Social Media Timing and Posting FrequencyA question we hear a lot from our clients who are new to social media is "When should I post on social media and how often?" It's important to know when the highest percentage of your audience is eavesdropping on your social networks, so that when you share content you'll get maximum exposure.

As it turns out there is an optimum time to tweet and post, as well as favourable frequency of updating that will lead to peak results. Use the following data to learn when your audience is most likely to tune in. Data courtesy of @danzarrella. Note that all the data is presented in Eastern Standard Time.

Timing on Twitter

Twitter is a high volume, low value network. You can share more here because of the fast pace of conversations happening. Share content created by your or curated from other sources – just make sure it's relevant and interesting to your followers.

  • Best time to tweet: Best time to Tweet is in the afternoon. About 6% of all retweets (the highest percentage) occur around 5PM.

  • Best tweeting frequency: Statistically, you can achieve a higher click-through-rate (CTR) if you tweet between 1 and 4 times per hour.

  • Best days to tweet: Your CTR is generally highest midweek and during the weekend.

  • CTR by hour: CTR spikes occur around noon (lunch hour) and 6PM (getting home from work).

Timing on Facebook

Facebook is a low volume, high value network. Don't post too frequently, fans get frustrated with too many posts. Make each post count. They should be valuable to your audience and include content that they're interested in.

  • Best day to share on Facebook: Most Facebook sharing is done on Saturday.

  • Best time to share on Facebook: Facebook shares tend to spike around noon and a little after 7PM.

  • Best sharing frequency on Facebook: Data indicates that about 0.5 posts per day (1 post every 2 days) will achieve the most likes on Facebook.

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