How to Boost Your Twitter Following Today

Posted by Murray Sye

on Fri, Aug 29, 2014 @ 07:23 AM

How to boost your twitter following todayWant more Twitter followers? Sure you do. You know how to use Twitter and you may already know how to create effective tweets, but still, no one is listening. Now what?

Twitter is an essential business tool that allows business the opportunity to connect with their customers. What may have started out as a novelty has turned into an essential social media tool – and one that should be part of every business marketing strategy.

But just being on Twitter is not the same as using it effectively. If you're in the mood for more followers, start by following these 8 tips.

1) Post with frequency
I'm not sure you have to be tweeting 24/7 but you need to tweeting on a frequent basis. HubSpot's Dan Zarella has done numerous studies on the science of social timing and has found that to maximize your CTA (click-through-rate) you'll need to be tweeting between 1–4 times per hour.

However, you have to remember that people are active on Twitter at different times, and since the conversations are so ephemeral, the people you want to see your Tweets may not ever see them.

2) Share and share and share some more

Most of what you share should be informative, useful or inspiring. So, what do you share? The answer is three-fold: a) Tweet content you create; b) Tweet content created by others; and 3) Tweet that content more than once.

Guy Kawasaki, one of the most influential people in marketing with 1.4 million Twitter followers, tweets 50 times per day on average, and he tweets each tweet at least four times (once every eight hours) to reach a wider audience.

3) Leverage with the right tool

To share content around the clock like Guy, you need a tool that can do four things: a) Automate publishing from a blog feed; b) easily share content you find anywhere; c) Schedule Tweets; and d) Upload custom images. If you're with HubSpot you have access to Social Inbox otherwise you can look into Hootsuite and Buffer. These tools allow you to automatically tweet the feed of your blog so you don't have to tweet posts one-by-one. 

4) Add photos

Twitter may limit you to 140 characters, but a picture is worth a thousand words, and can even entice people to read a story. Another study published by Zarella, found that tweets including photos are significantly more likely to be passed along via retweet.

This same study also reveals that tweets containing pictures uploaded using links are nearly twice as likely to be retweeted than those without a link. Photos embedded with show up directly in the Twitter stream.

5) Take advantage of hashtags

This categorizes your tweets so they can be found in a Twitter search, allowing people who don't follow you (yet) to find your content more easily. The # symbol goes before the keyword, without a space between it and the word. For small business owners, hashtags can not only help you track and gather information from your followers, but can also offer countless other relevant online conversations to participate in to help further your brand reach and overall exposure – a marketing win-win!

6) Follow those that follow you

One of the most important ways to grow your following is to follow and list people. Since people get notified via their email and activity feeds when you do, they're more likely to notice you and follow you back.

Following someone first leverages the reciprocity rule discussed in Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cialdini: "The rule says that we should try to repay, in kind, what another person has provided us..." In other words, if you follow or list someone first, they feel more obligated to reciprocate that if you didn't follow them at all.

You don't have to follow everyone who follows you. When you receive notification of a new follower, look at that person's profile. If it's an existing customer, a potential customer or someone who shares interesting content, then it's someone you should follow back.

7) Attend a #hashtag friendly event

Another easy way to increase your following is to attend a conference or join a Twitter chat – any event where attendees are like to be conversing around a specific hashtag – like HubSpot's upcoming #inboud14.

Hashtag-friendly events result in a wave of new followers because attendees are more tuned in to the conversation. By participating, your tweets reach an attentive audience with greater frequency.

When you have plans to attend a conference, make sure you monitor the event hashtag, follow other attendees, and respond when you have something meaningful to say. Each interaction is like a targeted advertisement to follow you.

8) Make your profile easy to follow

A simple way to create opportunities for new follows is to ensure all your web properties – website, blog, and other social profiles – link to your Twitter account. At the very least, place a Twitter button on your website homepage, your 'About Us' page, and your blog homepage sidebar. For even more exposure, add a link to your account in your email signature and within the 'About' section of your other social profiles. 

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