Want More Twitter Followers? Okay, Follow Me

Posted by Murray Sye

on Fri, Sep 5, 2014 @ 12:24 PM

Want to boost your following so you can get more people interacting with you and your company? Want to increase engagement and have meaningful discussions? Or, maybe even drive more traffic to your website?

Want More Twitter Followers  Okay, Follow Me

If you're a marketer you're more than likely trying to achieve them all, but increasing your following isn't just for the sake of amassing a larger Twitter count.

What can Twitter do?
You or your business exposure increases when someone retweets your posts. Your original tweet will be shown on the feed of the person who retweets you and all those that follow that person will also see your tweet. If some of them or all of them would retweet your posts, your exposure will increase exponentially based on the number of followers your followers have. Kind of a 'snowball effect.'

But, is a high volume of followers what you really need?

The viral power of social media is a very powerful medium and has always been a measure of status and influence. In some cases follow count absolutely is reflective of influence - but virtually anyone can reach that number – simply start by following a hundred thousand people, and you'll get a hundred thousand followers, or close to it.

Where follow count really matters is this: how many people are the people who follow you following? Imagine if your 100 followers each followed a thousand people. Now, that overall network size has leapt to 100,000 giving your message a better chance of getting noticed.

What's most important is being remarkable with your message, and getting consistent and ongoing support and approval from your own network. These people are the key to taking your brand or idea forward and spreading the word.

Twitter tips

If you're new to Twitter, and you're challenged to get more Twitter followers, HubSpot offers these 5 tips:

  1. Measure your Twitter success not by the number of followers, but by the quality and level of engagement.

  2. Follow twenty people with similar interests per day. That's not overwhelming, and reciprocal followers will add up quickly.

  3. Tweet about Twitter itself to get more followers. @WeAreWhiteSpace's most-shared content is about Twitter.

  4. Don't follow more than a couple of hundred people per day. Twitter might mistake you for a spam bot and suspend your account.

  5. Be real. It's okay to tweet mundane things like weather commentary or what you're eating - BUT do it sparingly. 

Best of luck with your approach to Twitter, happy engaging and don't forget to follow @WeAreWhiteSpace.

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Written by Murray Sye

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