120 Ways To Never Run Out Of Blog Ideas Ever!

Posted by Murray Sye

on Tue, Jan 29, 2013 @ 03:30 PM

Have you ever been lost for words?

Coming up with ideas for awesome content can be one of the toughest challenges business bloggers and inbound marketers can face! There's nothing to be ashamed of. We all go through 'writers block' from time to time. But it needn't be that way.


Now just so you never run out of ideas – ever again – I've sourced two of the best bloggers around and have compiled a list of 120 topics and ideas that I know you'll find helpful. So the next time you find yourself 'coming up empty', remember this list for coming up with some awesome blogging ideas. I'll bet you'll have something great to blog about before you get half way through. 

Here's a list that I sourced from HubSpot outlining 20 different strategies you can use to write relevant and compelling blog articles.

1) Answer Prospects' Questions
Write a blog article that answers questions that you commonly hear from prospects before they make a purchasing decision.

2) Use Survey Answers
Create a short survey and send it to your customers. Use the data you receive back as topcis for different blog articles.

3) Review Other Industry Blogs
Find and read other blogs related to your industry and write reviews of the blog's content in your blog. Be sure to link back to the article you reviewed and leave a comment on the article sharing the line to your new post.

4) Write About Industry Trends
Track what's trending in your industry on social media sites, and use trending topics as ideas for blog posts.

5) Write About News Stories
Check you social media monitoring tool to find the latest news developments in your industry, and blog about them.

6) Answer LinkedIn Questions
Write an article that answers a question that's asked on LinkedIn. Make sure you comment and link back to your article in the LinkedIn group on discussion.

7) Recruit Guest Bloggers
Have a customer, partner, or employee write a guest blog post.

8) Use Numbered Lists
Create numbered lists of top ideas, trends, or opinions related to your industry.

9) Provide Useful Lists
Publish an educational list of links that relate to your industry and business.

10) Be A Teacher
Educate and teach people how to do something related to your industry. For example, create a "how to" guide or checklist (kinda like this one)!

11) Write About Industry Experiences
Share a recent experience you had. It might be from a recent tradeshow, event, or customer experience.

12) Distribute a Press Release
Write a press release on your blog and create links to related blog articles. When it's syndicated, it will still include those links back to your blog articles.

13) Answer Email Questions
Go through your email inbox and use the questions you get asked for blog articles.

14) Share Industry Videos
Find a video on YouTube related to your industry and write a review of the video. Be sure to embed the video into your blog article using YouTube's video embed code.

15) incentivize Blogging For Coworkers
Use an incentive to get company employees to start blogging. Offer a restaurant gift card, free coffee, or other recognition.

16) Respond To Blog Comments
Read and respond to your blog comments and use them to write future blog articles.

17) Elaborate on FAQ's
Take your FAQs website page and turn each FAQ into a separate blog article.

18) Complete Blogging Worksheet
Use your keywords (with HubSpot you use their Keyword Grader tool) and complete a blogging worksheet to create five articles.

19) Crowdsource From Social Media
Post a question on Facebook and Twitter and write a blog article reviewing the responses.

20) Show Off Your Customers
Showcase a customer success story and have them do a guest blog post or quote them in the post you write.

I found this collection of 100 blog/podcast topics compiled by Chris Brogen

1) How I Use Facebook
2) Ways I Embrace My Audience
3) Should My Town Use Social Media
4) A Community I Love
5) Technology That Empowers Me
6) How Flickr Did It Right
7) How Best to Comment on a Corporate Blog
8) Ways to Save a Bad Time at a Conference
9) How I Find Blogging Ideas
10) Somebody Has to Say It
11) My Children Will Do it Differently
12) How Schools Could Use Social Media
13) The Best Parts of Marketing
14) Presentation Skills for a New Conversation
15) How I Find Time to Make Media
16) Empower Your Best Customers
17) After the Event - Carrying the Conversation Forward
18) Just Jump Into Podcasting - Here's How
19) My Community and How You Can Engage It
20) Twitter Jaiku Pownce Facebook - And Then What
21) Making a Miniseries
22) If I Were an Advertiser Today
23) My Mother is On Facebook
24) Does a Big Brand Need You
25) Books I Want to Write
26) Serving the Deep Niches - How I Do It
27) How Women Use Social Media
28) A Hard Look at My Media Habits
29) If I Were a Television Producer
30) Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
31) Elements of a Marketing Campaign
32) Social Media Campaigns are NOT Traditional Campaigns
33) Idea Making and How I Make Something
34) What I Spend Money On
35) Do Rock Stars Need Social Media Strategies
36) How I Use My Website
37) Book Shopping - Buy These Books
38) MTV Changed the World in the 80s - Here is What Comes Next
39) How I process Blogs and What I Do With All That Info
40) Ten Guilty Pleasures
41) The Internet Application I Haven't Seen
42) If I Worked for a Venture Capital Firm
43) My Dad Job Versus My Passion
44) The Difference Between Fark and Truemors
45) Fixing Conferences
46) Making Marketplaces for Media Truemors
47) When I Feel Frustrated
48) Branding Strategies
49) Your Ideas And My Ideas - How We Play Together
50) Friends I Can't Wait to Meet

51) The Art of Chaos
52) Telling My Boss About Social Media
53) Could I Quit My Day Job
54) When to Cut Back on Web Habits
55) Breaking Down My Favorite Blog
56) Explaining Social Media to Your Chamber of Commerce
57) Non-Internet Equivalents to Internet Tools I Use
58) Considering Media for the Rest of the Globe
59) Twitter is Too Simple - Twitter is Just Right
60) The Future of Podcasting
61) Video Made Simple
62) Facebook Applications I Love
63) You Are Here
64) Blogging Topics - How to Keep it Fresh
65) I Want to Brag A Minute
66) Who Says What About Your Brand
67) Tools for Blogging
68) Wordpress Plugins I Use And Why
69) Media Topics That Need More Coverage
70) Comments versus Blog Posts
71) How I Drive Traffic to My Site
72) News - Is it Useful and How I Might Fix it
73) Which TV Network Gets Videoblogging and PodCasting
74) Franchising My Media
75) Handling Critics
76) My Audio Tricks
77) Ning Site I Like and Why
78) Controlling My Brand
79) Sharing and Contributing
80) How Twitter Improved My Blog
81) Email After Twitter
82) Facebook Video Improved My Social Network
83) Letting Go
84) Downtime - What I Do Offline to Recharge
85) How I Went From Very Shy to Less Shy
86) The RIGHT Number to Track for Podcasting
87) PodCamp Has to Change
88) Shaking Things Up
89) Joining A Network - Things to Consider
90) Newspapers and How I Would Change Them
91) Interview With a Veteran
92) The Countries of My Social Media World
93) Giving it Away
94) Consulting Strategies for Social Media Experts
95) Turning Media into a Business Card
96) Podcasting on a Budget
97) For Every Excuse a New Strategy
98) Just When I Think I Am Done
99) Buying Gear - My Shopping Tips for Podcasters
100) When is Free Better - When Not

Well there you have it. If you have some blogging topics and other suggestions please pass them along. We'd like to hear from you.

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