5 B's For Being Better On Twitter

Posted by Murray Sye

on Mon, Jun 10, 2013 @ 01:45 PM

How simple can you get? 140 characters, several ways to interact, share and boom you're connected to total strangers. But, are you really? I mean how many of your Twitter followers are you really aiming to nurture? As a result it's not easy building real and lasting influence using Twitter.


So, how do you build up your influence on Twitter? Let's review what you can do to start influencing right now with these 5 B's.

1) Be Useful –
It's not about you – take every piece of content, quote or idea you plan to share on the account and flip it around so that it is much more about the reader than about the company posting it. If you're sharing a blog post, don't tweet the title, tweet a question about the reader, a juicy stat or an amazing quote from the article.

2) Be Clear –
Get really clear on who the account is meant to serve and what it is meant to give them. "Follow us because we are awesome" simply doesn't fly on Twitter. How would your parents describe the account to friends at a dinner party? Yes, I'm suggesting you go right ahead and put words into their mouths with a simple "mission statement".

3) Be Unselfish –
Not just when you're responding to people, but in the first place. Are you reading other streams and retweeting other people's stuff, or are you only pushing your own material? Are you following and thanking your own material? Are you following and thanking your biggest fans, and amplifying their voices? Are you actively following, supporting and promoting people you don't know yet but with the intent of getting to know them?

4) Be Open –
Are you following people back? At the very least you should be trying to follow your customers, prospects and other contacts so that they feel welcomed and have a private way to reach out to your company via direct message. It's a small thing but it really makes people feel like insiders to your success, which is hugely powerful and important.

5) Be Complete –
Be the best source you possibly can be for the value proposition you outlined in step 2. Make sure your profile photo, bio/description, cover picture, background picture and landing page (page the URL in your profile leads to) are all completely filled out and consistent with what the account is looking to deliver.

Written by Murray Sye

Murray is the CEO and Creative Director with the award-winning
Toronto HubSpot agency partner, WhiteSpace. You can
connect with Murray on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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