The Power of Newsjacking

Posted by Penny Baldwin-French

on Fri, Jul 5, 2013 @ 11:07 AM


Do you remember when Prince William gave Kate Middleton his late mother's sapphire and diamond ring?

Almost immediately, nearly identical cubic zirconia copies appeared everywhere! I couldn't open a magazine without encountering a version being offered. It became "a craze".

The same thing happens in fashion, perfume and toiletries, make-up, etc. Almost every newsworthy event creates an opportunity to "newsjack" the event for promotional purposes. 

When a buzz is created around something, it creates demand. Newsjacking is an effective method of aligning your offering with "what's hot". Warning though! Don't be tacky about it or you'll end up looking like a snake oil salesman.

Study HubSpot for a great example of how to do "newsjacking" right. When Pinterest became such a craze, HubSpot capitalized on "Pinterest Interest" by creating an educational eBook designed to help business owners and marketers understand the value of Pinterest and how to use it. How to Use Pinterest for Business quickly became a highly successful HubSpot eBook achieving more than 125,000 downloads to date. 

So what's the equation? Move quickly (try to be first out of the gate, if possible). Newsjack by providing something of value and interest to your potential customers. As HubSpot says, there is power in leveraging both timing and popularity.

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Written by Penny Baldwin-French

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