21 Ways to grow your Twitter network if you're just starting out

Posted by Murray Sye

on Thu, Aug 6, 2015 @ 03:38 PM


Are you new to Twitter?

Maybe you haven't even set up a profile yet.

Either way, you're in the right place, because today's post is all about how we can help beginners, just like you, get set up and active on Twitter.

Setting up your profile on Twitter is relatively easy, it's getting followers, now that's where the fun begins. But with a little help, like today's 21 ways... we're going to get you up and running so you can start connecting.

But, don't expect to have 100,000 followers by the end of the week. You can increase your number of followers by becoming follow-worthy, increasing your visibility and using a few proven strategies that will help get that number of followers up.

So let's get to it.

Here are 21 ways to help grow your Twitter network.

1) Add a unique profile image
Add an image of yourself when possible. If you're managing the Twitter account for a brand, then tag individual tweets so people know who they are talking to.


2) Create a unique header image

A header image can help your profile to stand out. Your Twitter header image dimensions should be 1500px (width) X 421px (height).


Click here for more information on how to set up
your Twitter header image.


3) Write an engaging bio
Your bio is an opportunity to tell people what you're about. By conveying the right message you will attract the right follower and like-minded people with shared interests.



4) Customize your colour scheme
Adding impressive colours can add flare to your profile. Take this a step further and use similar colours to the design of your blog or your homepage, like what we've done here at WhiteSpace.


Our Twitter profile colours and imagery closely align with our homepage, however your Twitter profile offers an opportunity to express to the world who you are, so be creative.


5) Add a follow button on your blog
Add a social media button or follow widget on your blog. This will give your blog visitors an opportunity to find you on Twitter.

Follow @WeAreWhiteSpace


6) Add a Twitter share button to your blog posts
This makes it easy for your readers to tweet your wonderful posts. Ensure that your Twitter @username is included in your tweets.



7) Set up Twitter cards
This will prove to be eye-catching and will increase engagement. In turn, your following will likely increase. The Tweet below from @TechCrunch shows a Summary Card with large image along with the 140 characters.



8) Link to your Twitter account in your author bio
This will prove to be eye-catching and will increase engagement. In turn, your following will likely increase.


9) Embed tweets in your blog posts
If you want to draw attention to any particular tweets, embedding them into your blog posts can boost engagement.


10) Start using Triberr right now

Tiberr is a social platform that puts your content in front of other blogs and multiplies your reach. It can be a great way to increase your reach, network with other bloggers and grow your audience. Start off by registering an account, add your RSS feed and start following relevant tribes.

11) Avoid sending multiple tweets in a short space of time
This will only cause more people to unfollow you. Instead of hitting the tweet button, add your tweets to tools like Buffer and Hootsuite and they'll be published at a schedule of your choosing. Dan Zarrella (@danzarrella) offers an infographic on the Science of Social Timing, take a look at what he suggests.

12) Stop sending automated DM's

This can work as a tactic to generate traffic or cross promote your other social networks when done right but the side effect is that you will lose followers.

13) Tweet more (within reason)
Tweeting for the sake of tweeting is never a good idea and neither is tweeting so much that your followers get sick of it. Find the right balance.

14) Engage with other users
If you aren't engaging with other Twitter users, you're going to struggle to build an engaged following. Thus schedule engaging updates and respond to your mentions.

15) Schedule your tweets to be published when your followers are online
Optimizing the times which you share content is the key to getting more traction. Tools like Tweriod can help you to find the exact time your audience is most active on Twitter and to schedule accordingly.

16) As for retweets, use sparingly

Asking your followers to retweet can help increase your retweets by up to 4 times. With each retweet you gain more followers. Just add "Please Retweet" at the end of your Tweet but NOT too often.

17) Vary the type of content you share

Just sharing an endless stream of links won't help. Share updates like quotes and engaging questions. You can also use a tool like ShareAsImage to create images for you quotes in seconds.

18) Add tweetable quotes within your blog posts

Tweetable quotes are short, catchy messages embedded in a blog post that can easily be shared on Twitter. And when people share your quotes, they spread your ideas and drive traffic back to your blog by the boatload.

19) Leverage and optimize hashtags

Including relevant hashtags in your tweets is a great way to get more eyeballs on your tweets. You can use a tool like RiteTag that makes the process of finding and optimizing hashtags easy.

20) Share the content your audience is interested in
Keeping your updates as relevant as possible can get more traction on your tweets. People who want to learn about a specific topic will follow you to learn about that topic.

21) Share other people's content and tag them

Sharing other people's content and tagging them will get you on their radar. The more you help other people out, the more likely they are to help out.



Now it's up to you
Don't expect an avalanche of new followers by the end of the week. Treat your Twitter account with a slow-and-steady addiction. Make it your top priority, double down, create lots of juicy content and start sharing.

If you have some additional tips or creative ways that you've used to generate followers, flip us a comment in the section below, we'd love to hear from you.

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Written by Murray Sye

Murray is the CEO and Creative Director with the award-winning
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