How To Determine The Best Time To Launch Your Next eMail Campaign?

Posted by Murray Sye

on Mon, Dec 15, 2014 @ 02:32 PM


Hello marketers. Do you send out your email campaigns with your fingers crossed?

Are you hoping to strike at the right day of the week and time of day, in order to achieve maximum "click-through and open rates?"

If you're wondering just how timing can impact your emails and what time of day or night is the right launch time, then read on, 'cause that's just what we're going to review for you in today's post.

You've no doubt been asking this question, so let's start here:

When is the best day of the week to send email? 


According to the data collected by GetResponse, Tuesday scores the highest with a 19.9% open rate and a 4.55% click through rate. Saturday and Sunday are considered family and leisure time, so weekend results are still lower. Tuesday is a busy day for senders with top % of sent and (as noted) favorable open rates.

The top click through rate is produced by messages sent on Fridays, probably because these messages get some engagement on the weekend days as well. Personally we use Friday's as the day to send out our email newsletter as a way to not get lost in the other over-crowded weekdays. But, you decide, who is to say they won't work for you?

When is the best time of day or night to send email? 

The data below was collected by Dan Zarella of HubSpot. Take a peak at these "Zones" and determine the best time to send out your emails. But, remember that the best time depends on whether you are marketing to a consumer or business audience. Regardless, it's definitely something you should trial and test. 

10PM-6AM: The Dead Zone:
A large fraction of emails sent during the dead zone are totally ineffective. It's like throwing them into a black hole.

9AM-10:AM The Consumption Zone:
This is the second most popular opening time, right at the beginning of the working day, when consumers are receptive to offers on a whole range of subjects.

10AM-NOON: The Do Not Disturb Zone:
Consumers are not opening marketing emails, choosing instead to focus on work. So don't bother me.

NOON-2PM: I'm Having Lunch Zone:
Counter-intuitively, consumers are also unlikely to open marketing emails during their lunch, choosing instead to spend time on news magazine alerts and chowing down.

2PM-3PM: In The Zone:
In the immediate post-lunch period, consumers remain focused on work, responding mostly to email offers relating to financial services.

3PM-5PM: A Life-Changing Afternoon Zone:
Job-related apathy sets in and consumers start thinking about their personal situation. As a result, more emails relating to property and financial services are opened between 3pm and 5pm than any other type of promotion.

5PM-7PM: In the Working Late Zone:
There is a dramatic rise in recipients opening holiday promotions during this period (17.9% of all emails classified as "holiday promotions" were opened in these two hours). Counter-intuitively, this is also the timeframe when recipients are most likely to open B2B promotions (26.4%).

7PM-10PM: Last Minute Orders Zone:
Recipients are more likely to respond to consumer promotion in their own time. Offers on clothes and special interests such as sports and gym promotions perform extremely well during this period. 


If you've tried the above and still notice a dip in your open rates, maybe other factors are contributing to the decline. Check these email marketing tips: Test your email making sure it's rendering properly. Review your email list. It may be time to update your list. How about your subject line? The subject line is your one brief opportunity to get someone to open your email. How often is too often? Be careful not to bombard your recipients with unwanted email. 

Let me know what day and time have proven rewarding for your email campaigns. We'd love to hear from you.

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