How to boost social media engagement using video

Posted by Murray Sye

on Thu, May 14, 2015 @ 10:14 AM


Do you want more engagement with your social media fans and followers?

Does your social marketing strategy include video?

New research indicates that video could be the "silver lining" of social media engagement. It's not the future of social engagement, it is the present.

Content may be king, but we no visuals rule. All the latest studies and stats suggest that video on social media command more attention than text alone. When it comes to seeing success with social, you want to be more visual and using video is the new preferred choice.

In today's post I'll share what you need to know about maximizing social media engagement using video.

Social Video: The secret to high engagement

Let's agree that getting engagement from posts is extremely important for driving traffic back to our websites, but what can we do to boost engagement from our social media efforts? The answer to this will differ depending on the network. But we do know that video is taking over social, so let's take a deeper look at that.


The time is ripe for marketers to figure out what kind of video content their audiences want to see –
and then promote the best performers.

The key then is to figure out what kind of videos work best. Facebook videos are shared 157% more often than YouTube videos – so shorter, more front-loaded content is best on Facebook and more complete clips are likely better on YouTube or Vimeo.

But it's not just Facebook that is transforming because of social videos: Twitter and Instagram are becoming increasingly video-focused too. To ensure you are making the most of social video to engage your audience and drive them back to your website, try out these tips.


1. Always post your videos natively
Not long ago, it would have made sense to share a link to a YouTube video on Facebook. However, today it's significantly more effective to publish directly on the network e.g. upload your video directly to Facebook, if you want to get massive engagement. That's because Facebook videos represent only 5% of all posted content, but get disproportionately high engagement. 

Another useful tip: Try including dialogue right at the beginning of a video. If people want to hear what's being said, they'll click for sound – viewers who make it past the first 5% of a video will be much more likely to make it through the rest.


And while many videos get promoted, there are still far more photo posts being posted on Facebook in total than there are video posts – so there's an opportunity to fill that void with great, engaging video content.

2. Choose the right video format for each network
One of the most interesting parts of today's video market is that each network is playing different versions of the same game. It's important to remember each network's unique qualities and limitations..

Length: Vines are 6 seconds, Instagram videos are 15, and Twitter mobile videos can be up to 30 seconds long. Each lends themselves to a different type of video.

Another useful tip: Instagram and Facebook videos are great for following a short story (11-12 seconds) with a CTA and branding (3-4 seconds).


3. Optimize for social sharing
For a long time, the focus on social video was all about getting viral success. But going viral doesn't do much for the Page in the long term – after 15 days, Pages that had viral hits saw their engagement go back to pre-viral levels.

Instead, the key is to make your native videos as SHAREABLE as possible. That means following the tips listed above, and knowing what it is that makes videos so popular on each format. Remember, it's not view that matter, it's engagement.

Once you see what's working organically, you can amplify that reach with some paid advertising.


Around 8% of the money put into Facebook Ads in Q1 2015 was aimed at getting Video Views

Since native videos already get better organic reach than other post types, they are more likely to be engaged with, and thus stay present on the News Feed longer. By promoting them heavily, marketers can leverage an already favorable opportunity to get tons of exposure with each video they publish.


This is why Post promotion works so well – by promoting only the best content, marketers are pushing something that already has momentum and continues to pick up speed as it goes.


Video is not only a great attention grabber, it's an engagement booster. If you haven't considered video as part of your social marketing then hopefully the information that we've shared with you today, will help to change that.
What about you? Have you had any success with sharing video on your social networks? Don't be shy, let us know in the comments section below.  Twitter Edition - Fish Where The Fish Are


Written by Murray Sye

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