How To Improve The Success Of Your Marketing On Twitter

Posted by Murray Sye

on Tue, Jan 13, 2015 @ 12:52 PM


Is your business active on Twitter?

How's it working for you?

If you're looking for ways to improve your Twitter marketing, maybe you need to step back for a moment and review the basics.

Even the most advanced users can use a refresher every once in a while. 

With over 280 million monthly active users, Twitter provides endless opportunities for businesses to share the right mix of content and engage with your Twitter community. And, if you do it right you can reach a larger audience, find prospects and become the go-to source when customers are ready to buy.

Here are 5 ways to kick-start your year off right with Twitter.

1) Build your profile

Use kickass images
Your cover photo (1500 x 500 px) and profile image (400 x 400 px) should easily explain what your company is and draw people in.

Create a searchable bio
Using keywords and hashtags that are related to your business will increase the number of times you show up in search results.


Pin your best tweet to the top of your profile
When people visit your profile, this particular tweet is the first tweet they'll see, so use this space to promote your most important tweet.

Link to your website
In your bio, include a link to drive viewers to your website or a current offer you're promoting.


2) Use visuals in tweets


Use eye-catching images in each tweet
The ideal size for a tweet's image is 1024 x 512 px. Images drive more engagement and generate leads.

Embed rich media using Twitter Cards
Twitter cards allow you to include even more rich media from your website in tweets without taking up extra characters.

Include GIFs
Twitter turn them into MP4s that can auto-play. And don't forget to include Slideshare to keep things interesting.


Create images that relate to your tweet copy
Viewers are more likely to view your image that your tweet copy, so make sure the image portrays the message you want as well.


3) Optimize tweet copy


Include hashtags related to your tweet
Hashtages will help your tweet be seen in more search results. Be careful not to include too many though; stick to 1-2.

Link back to your website whenever possible
Linking back to your website is how you will drive more traffic, leads, and customers by using Twitter.

Use the 10-4-1 rule
Curated content - owned content - lead generating/promotional content).

Vary the types of content you post
Other than mixing up the visuals you post in your Tweets, promote a variety of different types of content. Blog posts and industry articles are good, but what about a picture of your employees in the office. And have fun, like Guy Kawasaki!


Keep tweets short
Tweets with 100-200 characters convert better (more clicks on your links and engagement) than tweets with 140 characters.

Use active words
Actions speak louder than words, and action words speak even louder! Use more verbs to make tweets more clickable.

Test everything
Each audience is different, so A/B test copy, images, timing, and tweet length.


4) Promote with Ads

Use promoted tweets to highlight your best content
Only include one link in your tweet and no hashtags. The less places people can click the more people will click on your website link (and you pay for each click, so make it worth it!) Include a call-to-action in the image or copy. Take advantage of Twitter's hyper specific targeting options to reach qualified audiences. Keep tweets 100-120 characters as they convert better.


Capture lead info on Twitter with lead generation cards
These ads autofill the user's email address, making it easier for the user to download the offer and easier for you to obtain the user's information.

Drive site traffic with website cards
These Cards have embedded call-to-action buttons to encourage clickthrough to the website.

A/B test all your promoted tweets
Test out various characteristics of images and copy with A/B testing to see what appeals to your target audience.

Grow your audience with promoted accounts
The larger your following is, the more leads you will get from non-promoted tweets.


5) Engage your network

Curate Twitter Lists to segment users
Build connections strategically by using Twitter Lists to sort users you're most interested in engaging with.

Connect with influencers in your space
Form relationships with influencers by following them and interacting with them occasionally.

Join Twitter chats
Position yourself as a thought leader by participating in Twitter chats that industry insiders are a part of.

Tweet as often as you can
We recommend at least five times a day. However, there is no limit to the number of times you can tweet in a day. 

Okay, now it's your turn. Take these Twitter tips and apply them to your strategy and let me know if you have anything to add.

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Written by Murray Sye

Murray is the CEO and Creative Director with the award-winning
Toronto HubSpot agency partner, WhiteSpace. You can
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