To Hell With Diamonds, Hubspot Is MY Best Friend

Posted by Penny Baldwin-French

on Tue, Sep 16, 2014 @ 05:03 PM

Remember Marilyn Monroe cooing "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend"?


Well move over, Marilyn - Hubspot has just become marketing & sale's best friend!

The new Sales Platform helps your sales team to get organized and get selling!  Hubspot's new CRM was built to be easy to use and ready for the real world - intuitive and automatic.  It takes care of all those pesky little details that are so, so necessary - like logging emails, recording calls and managing data.

Watch Out Batman, there's a new Superhero in Town

Taking the pain out of email is Sidekick's Superpower!  Sidekick provides your teams with tools that make emails easy - especially for sales people!  Sidekick connects to your inbox and your CRM system - providing you with details about the contacts and companies you encounter during your day.  Whether you are in the office or on the run, Sidekick is your trusty companion.  


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Your sales team will love you for freeing up their selling time!  And, you'll love how easy it is to monitor the critical sales path, making sure your sales people are on track, providing the coaching and encouragement that spurs them to even greater heights.

It's Easy To Use

Unlike other systems (or cobbled together collections of tools) that may have a steep learning curve and require customization, Hubspot's CRM allows your team to get a quick start and keeps them focused on selling.  It's so intuitive - it just fits with the way they already naturally do things.

It Saves Time

Have you ever had a sales team roll their eyes when you give them yet another tool to learn?  It happens! Their day already gets eaten up by logging emails and calls, recording all those details so necessary to keep track of. 

Hubspot CRM is the answer.  Working in the background, it organizes every interaction between your team and their contacts - naturally and intuitively as they just get on with their day.  

It Fits the "Real World"

Let's face it.  The world has changed.  The way people shop and purchase happens across multiple channels and touchpoints.  Your website - social media - emails - phone calls and so on.  Hubspot CRM tracks and organizes every "touch" automatically.

Hubspot CRM Features

  • Database:  Collects and stores data on contacts, companies, deals and tasks.  Reliable and easy to use.  Built for the scale of today's data.  Automatically creates company records, contacts, de-duplicates leads and take care of all the details your team needs covered but shouldn't be distracted by.

  • Timeline:  Today's sales process occurs across many touch points and a multitude of channels.  Timeline organizes each and every email, call, note and yes, even website visits, into one simple, intuitive view.  Your team can make calls, send emails, set reminders and organize their day in one central location.

  • Email:  Hubspot CRM connects to Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook and Apple Mail.  Logs emails with your contacts easily and automatically.  Your team can send emails directly from any contact's record within the Hubspot CRM.

  • Phone Integration:  (additional cost)  Make calls with one click from the Hubspot CRM.  Easily and automatically log notes and recordings of calls.  (Recording optional)

  • Google Calendar Integration:  Connect Google Calendar to Hubspot CRM to view scheduled meetings and create new meetings in seconds.  All without leaving the Hubspot CRM.

  • Data Enrichment:  Instantly see new and useful information about contacts or companies.  Background information, details on key employees, social data, related companies and more.



Sidekick Features

  • Sidekick Insights:  Sidekick is truly powerful!  It lives in your browser and follows you throughout your day, giving you valuable details about the contacts and companies you find and interact with in your inbox and on the web.

  • Sidekick Notifications:  Real-time notifications from Sidekick let you know when, where and how prospects are engaging with you.  Whether they are opening and/or clicking your emails, visiting your website and more.  Sidekick's reporting helps you to better understand and track your team's activities and the performance of their messages.

  • Send Later:  Get more out of emails without sacrificing your workflow.  Sidekick lets you tee up messages from Gmail in Google Chrome to send on any day, at any time - when they are most likely to be opened and clicked.


There you have it!  Truly give the "power to your people"! Make Hubspot your sales and marketing "best friend" and harness the superpower of Sidekick.


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Written by Penny Baldwin-French

Penny is Chief Marketing Officer at WhiteSpace which means she wears many hats! WhiteSpace specializes in helping organizations thrive by leveraging the power of the internet. Our digital marketing and creative agency can help develop strategic and tactical direction to help boost your business.

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