Top 10 Secrets to getting your content seen, read and shared

Posted by Murray Sye

on Fri, Aug 7, 2015 @ 11:06 AM


Do you want to increase the amount of visitors to your website?

Would you like to know how content marketing can help you do that?

Okay, I hear you. You're doing that already. It's a common challenge faced by most businesses and marketers today. You write and you write and you write some more. But it doesn't seem to move the needle.

In today's post we'll review the ten most effective ways to getting your blog content in front of more people so more traffic will be headed your way.

Top 10 secrets to getting your content seen, read and shared

1) Write good content
Write content that you can actually use, implement, and profit from. Actionable content, such as podcasts, lists and how-to-guides (like this one) are ideal.


2) Create evergreen content
Use content that is relevant and relatable now and in the future, not just short term or "hot" topics. Long term content may not produce instant traffic, but in the long run, your traffic volume will compound.


3) Don't write an essay
Write a conversation, add some humor, witty banter, use the words 'You' and 'I'. People want results and entertainment. Keep it light and actionable, and the shares will go up.


4) Promote the content
Do the basics when it comes to SEO. Check out "Beginners Guide to SEO" by Moz. Create a list of 100 bloggers and ask them to tweet your content. 5-10% of targeted people will retweet.


5) Comment on blogs
Schedule 20 minutes every morning, read relevant blogs and give relevant comments. Avoid self-promotion or questionable tactics. Focus on genuine feedback.


6) Mention people in your blog
Link to related posts that benefit your readers. This could be a competitor or other people in the industry. Let people know when you've mentioned them in your blog posts. 20-30%+ will retweet and share.


7) Network with other writers
Create a bond with guest bloggers through posts, direct messages and retweeting their content. Your success rate in asking for favors and introductions will be much higher with good bonds and networking.


8) Start guest posting
Write really great, non-promotional posts. Have a link to your site in your bio. Start with smaller blogs, build your reputation and reach out to larger players.


9) Start collecting emails
Collect emails, which can then blast your new content, this will generate consistent traffic. Offer them something of value instead of simply asking them to join your mailing list. Conversations will spike.


10) Create and promote groups
Use various social medias available, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and to created groups. Advertise to get new group members. Blast new content, which will be read by the group members, generating more traffic and shares.


It's now up to you
Don't expect instantaneous results. A slow, steady consistent approach is recommended, and of course while applying these tips. You will see a noticeable increase in traffic after six months or so. Search engines prefer older websites, it takes time for them to recognize newer sites and show them the love you're looking for.

So grab your keyboard and start writing. If you have other suggestions, please don't be shy, flip us your comments. We'd love to hear from you.Free eBook - How to get started with inbound marketing


Written by Murray Sye

Murray is the CEO and Creative Director with the award-winning
Toronto HubSpot agency partner, WhiteSpace. You can
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