Top 10 social media power tips that Guy Kawasaki taught me

Posted by Murray Sye

on Wed, Sep 23, 2015 @ 01:19 PM


Would you like to improve your social media marketing?

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, maybe your social media skills just need a little refresher.

Either way, I have some expert advice to share from one of the most prominent social media experts in the field.

You've no doubt heard of him; author, speaker, social media evangelist, Guy Kawasaki. Guy is the chief evangelist of Canva, and the author of umpteen books on social media, including his latest "The Art of Social Media". He is one of the most influential people in marketing today and curator of one of the biggest followings of any marketer/entrepreneur in the world.

So what does Guy have to say? We're going to share that with you in today's post. 


Guy teamed up with Peg Fitzpatrick, who he says is the best social media person he's met, to help co-author their latest book. Together they guide you through hundreds of practical tips, tricks, and insights on the most popular social media platforms available today.

Here's a collection of their top 10 power tips that I encourage you can try.

  1. Optimize your profiles
    Use a compelling avatar that expresses your personality and is optimized for viewing on social media. Write an interesting, informative bio with keywords for your area of expertise.

  2. Be consistent
    Use the same bio, avatar and username across all your social media channels so people will recognize you and be able to mention you easily.

  3. Free the content monster
    Curate great content to share with people who follow you. Limit your topics to three or four and sprinkle in topics that interest you. This will help people know why they should follow you as well as what you're interested in to find common ground.

  4. Be a multi-faceted jewel
    Don't be one-dimensional by sharing only business content or personal opinions. You have many sides, let people get to know the real you by presenting a full picture.

  5. Power your social with positivity
    Studies show that people love social media account that motivate and inspire others. Save your drama for your mama. People are always listening and lurking on social media.

  6. Answer questions and comments
    Respond to comments and be as helpful as possible to your social media network. Once your followers grow to a great number this becomes a challenge but it's a high level problem to handle.

  7. Pass the reshare test
    Everything you create and share should be interesting, entertaining or informative. Think to yourself: is this worthy of being reshared? Your social media isn't just about you.

  8. Build a reciprocal network
    Social media networking works best when you build great karma by sharing other people's content. When you share, you are building your relationship with other's by saying "your content is great and I'm risking my reputation by sharing it for you." In theory, they will help you by sharing for you, many times without asking, because you have done the same for them. Pre-load your karma by being generous.

  9. Ride the trends
    Follow popular hashtags, topic trends or holidays by sharing content that fits into them. This is a form of news jacking that helps more people find your content and builds your audience.

  10. Test everything
    This is the science that goes into The Art of Social Media. Test different titles, styles of posting, new platforms and everything you do. Don't listen to how others tell you to do things – breaking the mold is where the magic lies for power users.

Now back to you
Pretty useful tips, right? Take some of Guy's advice and implement the strategies that you're missing and monitor improvements. But, remember gaining awareness and building trust is garnered over time. So you'll need to persistent and consistent. If you have some additional tips and suggestions for us, please share them in the comment section below. We'd love to hear from you.

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