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April, 2010 | Our Message of the Day

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How much time do you spend reading blogs?


We’re wondering, with all the time you spend blogging and being involved in various
Social Media channels, how much time do you spend reading someone else’s blog
articles and following and interacting with them on Social Media channels?

Let us know, send us a message or comment below!

Communicate and Connect with Your Customers


If you’re often involved in trade shows, seminars and events where you can connect
with customers, it’s a good idea to include those times and dates right on the homepage
of your website. You should also include that information to your customers through the
different social media channels you’re involved in—Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Add some video to your website today


Lately we’ve mentioned brand imaging, and frequently adding and updating content
as important keys in helping make your website a valuable business tool. An easy way
to do some of that is by adding video to your site. At WhiteSpace, it’s something we do
every day. We use a Sanyo Xacti Dual Camera—super easy to use, and after a couple
quick steps our videos are up on YouTube and our website.

Does your website reflect your brand - Part 2


Continuing with yesterday’s theme—when you’re designing (or redesigning) your website,
look at your brand image, does your site reflect your brand? We wrote a blog article
about it some time ago, but this is always something that you should be asking yourself.

Does your website reflect your brand?


We posted a blog article with a similar title some time ago, but it’s something that you
should always be reviewing. Far too often we come across websites that give a poor
first impression. Take some time to review your website, especially your messaging,
and ensure that you make a positive first impression when someone visits your site.

So where exactly does Peter get his shirts from?


We’ve had some people asking where Peter gets his t-shirts from. The answer to that
question is Threadless – http://www.threadless.com/. Every so often they have some
really good sales—$7, $8 and $9 tees.

Share your ideas - How can we help out our clients?


We recently spoke about helping our clients save some time by getting them to provide
smaller pieces of information in video posts
, Tweets, etc., rather than by writing longer,
drawn-out blog articles. What are some of the ideas you provide your clients with to help
them save some time when creating content?
Tweet us: @wearewhitespace or comment below.

Tropical Treets Ice Cream


A client of ours, Tropical Treets, makes some amazing ice cream. Here in Canada
you’ll be able to find it in most specialty food shops—though we’re not sure where
you might be able to find it in the United States, but we’ll find out and let you know.

Publish your Blog directly to Social Media


We know that takes time to create great content for your website and your blog… and
then to Tweet about it and post updates on Facebook. Why not streamline the process
by having your blog publish to social media channels automatically? If your website
or blog is built on the CMS that HubSpot offers, then you can do this by using their tools.
But if you’re using WordPress to publish your blog, you can use the plugins below:

Video - Another great way to provide information


We mentioned it in last Friday’s Message of the Day—providing smaller portions of
information rather than longer blog articles. One way to do this is to use video. Check
out our free whitepaper for some great reasons why you should be using video.

Here’s an idea to help keep the content on your website current


One way you can cut down on your blogging time is to provide smaller bits of
information on a more frequent basis. Here at WhiteSpace we do our Message
of the Day
, it allows us to add content on a daily basis and provide some helpful
information at the same time.

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Don’t bring your iPad to Israel!


Apparently Israel has banned all imports of the Apple iPad, a ban that even applies to
tourists entering the country. Very odd. Check out this article for more info.

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Social Media and Brand Optimization


Brian Solis’ blog is a great resource for all things related to Social Media and Social
Media Optimization. His blog article, Optimize Your Brand for Sharing and Social
Search in 11 Steps
is a helpful list of Social Media marketing strategies.

Social Media Optimization Webinar


Social Media Optimization is the new SEO, so says HubSpot. We’ll be attending their
webinar this Wednesday, April 14. They always provide great information and valuable
insight and this webinar should be no exception. We’re looking forward to it! Sign up
for yourselves here: Social Media Optimization is the new SEO with Brian Solis

What else can we help you with?


We’ve got a number of whitepapers and resources on our website at the moment, but
we’d love to add to them. Does anyone have any questions or thoughts that we can help
provide a solution to? Leave us a comment or send an email to murray@whitespace.on.ca.

We’re still looking for passionate, creative people!


Here at WhiteSpace, we’re still looking for some people to help us out. So if you’re
involved in and passionate about the web, social media, design and marketing, give
us a call or fill out the form on our careers page.

Pixels - A great video by Patrick Jean


We saw this tweeted earlier today and thought it was amazing! Judging from the
comments that are posted after the video, others have thought the same thing.
Watch PIXELS here.

Set some goals before you begin a website redesign


You really should set some goals and define a strategic objective before you begin a
website redesign. What you want your site to accomplish will directly impact its design,
layout and messaging.

Who’s using Sprouter?


We haven’t had a chance to really check out Sprouter yet, so we’re asking around—if
you’re using it, what has the experience been like? Is it easy to learn and use? Is it
helpful for your business? Etc. We’d love to hear what you think.

Help us out! We’re looking for creative people.


We need your help. We’re looking for creative, enthusiastic, passionate people to join
our team at WhiteSpace. Visit the careers section on our site and fill out the form or
send us an email.

Using Twitter as a business tool


Here’s another of our whitepapers for you to download, Using Twitter as a Business
. Give it a read and let us know what you think, and if you’re looking for more
helpful information, tips or advice, check out all of our whitepapers and resources.

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