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Happy Canada Day!


July 1st is Canada Day. If you're within the Greater Toronto Area and you're planning to let off some fireworks please do yourself a favor and check out: handsfireworks.com
Hands Fireworks has been lighting up the sky since before you were born. They are Canada's biggest and the best. Have a safe and happy long weekend.

iPhone 4


Well Apple seems to have done it again. The latest iPhone 4 is out and it seems to have lost weight. It's apparently 24% thinner than the 3GS. Are all the upgrades worth it? Let us know if you lined up and scored one for yourself.

Zzzz... Fall asleep easier with your iPhone


Get the rest you need with the help of these new iPhone apps. They provide calming sounds and melodies, breathing exercises, snore detectors, and more, turning your iPhone into your personal sleep assistant!

Volkswagen's "Fun Theory" Awarded Cannes Cyber Grand Prix


DDB's Stockholm agency promoted Volkswagen's environmentally friendly engine technology with an integrated effort featuring videos-turned-virals such as "Piano Staircase".

Napping on the job, at Google


Apparently Google installed napping pods for their employees. This adds another reason why you might want to work at Google—I mean with all the free food and massages it’s a wonder anyone ever goes home!

Special Group awarded Cannes Grand Prix


Auckland agency Special Group has been awarded a Cannes Grand Prix for their campaign for their client Orcon Broadband. Play Live with Iggy Pop called on musicians to audition online for a chance to help Iggy Pop record a new version of The Passenger.

Have fun with Twitter


Here are 9 different cool things you can do with your Twitter account.

Get your company in front of customers


An article in today’s Financial Post—Sweeten sales with social media tools—mentioned how effective Social Media tools can be in getting your company some exposure and allowing you to interact directly with your customers. Another thing the article mentioned was that these tools are FREE to use. We’ve always been advocates for Social Media, and this article really does a great job of profiling a company’s best efforts in utilizing Social Media tools and channels.

What can Social Media do for your career?


If you haven’t already seen Kwon Soon-geun’s inpiried drumming performance on
, check it out—the video went viral some time ago and has already been
viewed over 500,000 times. It just goes to show you how much influence YouTube
and other Social Media channels have. Kwon was even featured in yesterday’s
National Post

3D Gift Cards from Home Depot


Home Depot’s gift cards now have an interactive side to them, much like the Augmented
Reality post we did a while back
. You can use your gift card with your webcam and you’ll
be provided gift suggestions from Home Depot—it’s a cool (and smart) way to tie marketing,
fun and technology together.

David on Demand: He’ll do anything you tell him to… anything


David Perez is a recruiter with Leo Burnett in Chicago and next week he’ll be part of the
David on Demand experiment where you can tell him do do anything at all via Twitter
and he’ll do it wearing a pair of webcam-enabled glasses. He’s asking people to be
kind… we hope they are, for his sake.

Choose your engagement ring on your iPhone


Tiffany & Co. have developed an iPhone app that allows you to pick and choose you
(or your fiancée’s) engagement ring—everything from style, cut, carat size, etc. The
app even has a tool to help you choose your ring size. Check out the video here.

Microsoft Kinect: Video games without a controller


For all you Xbox 360 fans out there, I’m sure you’re awaiting the November 2010 release
of Microsoft Kinect, and with good reason, because it looks like a lot of fun. Microsoft also
has their E3 Keynote today which you can follow via a live blog here.

What not to do with your iPad


I stumbled upon this video today about an iPad and Velcro. While it’s very well done, I
think the title should be “What NOT to do with your iPad”. If you’ve got an iPad, would
you be brave to do this? I sincerely hope not.

Social Media is here to stay


A lot of our clients often ask if Social Media is ‘here to stay’. We found an interesting
piece of information that may help answer that question: 79% of the top 100 Fortune 500
Companies are using Social Media to communicate their brand, grow their networks and
push out their products and services.

Map out your future and hold yourself accountable


We took some time this morning to get all of our deliverables for all of our clients up in
front of us—it’s a great way for us to hold ourselves accountable and stay in tune with
our clients and their needs at the same time.

How did you apply for your job?


Imagine you Google your name and the first result is a sponsored link asking you to hire
someone. Well, that’s the approach Alec Brownstein took when he was looking for work.
It’s probably the most creative way to apply for a job that I’ve ever seen. Has anyone got
any other great creative, ‘out-of-the-box’ stories?

Toy Story 3: buy your tickets through Facebook


Disney has created a new Facebook app that allows you to purchase tickets to Toy Story
3—you can even invite your friends along. This new Facebook app adds to the social media
promotion that Disney has already done for the new Toy Story movie along with some
‘vintage looking’ tv commercials. I guess it won’t be long before other movie studios start
doing the same thing.

Buy your fireworks online this year for Canada Day


Hands Fireworks has over 100 years experience in the fireworks industry, so for this
year’s Canada Day, visit Hands’ website and buy your fireworks online. They’ve even
got fundraising programs you can be a part of—check out their website, or give them
a call

Just how big is the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico?


It’s been estimated to far that anywhere between 75 million to 162 million litres of oil
has leaked into the Gulf of Mexico since April. It truly is hard to imagine that devastation,
but I came across an interactive map created by Paul Rademacher that helps to illustrate
just how big the oil spill is.

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